YAPT – Yet Another Presentation Training

Lucky me I had to chance to attend another presentation training provided by Florian Mück.
Of course in the beginning I was very sceptic because I already attended 3 other trainings before and I was told that this one is special. Yeah of course I was told the same about the other 3 trainings 😉
And yes, it was special. Definitly that was the hardest training I ever attended and on the same hand the best one. So why?
I would say that this is just half a presentation training. The other half is about getting to know yourself, jump out of comfort zone and also from the team building persepective it was really intense. I think it is very uncommon for a training that you talk about feelings, your family, people where crying, yelling, singing and much more. We really had a lot of fun and I think it changed really the way of doing presentations in the future.
And of course we also learned some very good tools to structure any speech or presentation from a business presentation to a speech at a wedding. In the end it is the same.
And also this is not a big surprise (Just a rough overview):

  • Short introduction, use a quote for example
  • 3 arguments in a climax
  • Summarise and state a clear call to action
  • Come back to beginning

Also for me it was totally funny that in fact more than 95% of all business presentations are no presentations but lectures: So we write everything on the slides instead of make them easy and tell the people instead of putting them to sleep.

So I really encourage you either to do this training or at least get the book of Florian. And no, I am not getting paid for the advertising 😉 But it was really good!

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