My Photobooth

A friend of mine will marry in June and therefore he asked me if I can put my DSLR on a tripod so the people can make funny photos of them using a self-timer.

Of course I said yes but that would have been to simple. So I started to make up the plan to build my own little photo booth.

The basic idea was to have the camera protected and also provide a possibility that people can also have a look at the photos they took.

So what I used:

So what I learned:

  • I’m a bad craftsman 😉
  • SDCard WiFi is … let’s say could be better
  • Switch camera to take a RAW and the smallest JPEG possible
  • Change ShutterSnitch’s settings to only transfer the JPEG and not the RAW.
  • Switch off the auto off functionality of the IPad, camera and flash
  • Operate in manual mode (cam and flash)

So now it is finished and of course I want to share some pics with you. And it works! 😉

For me the latency (approx. 5 – 10 seconds) for that purpose is okay but can be better.

So feel free to ask if you want to have more details.

IMG_20150511_213157 IMG_20150511_212939 IMG_20150511_212933 IMG_20150511_211333 IMG_20150511_211320 IMG_20150511_211306 IMG_20150511_211255 IMG_20150511_211241

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Lens review: Tamron 16-300mm F/3,5-6,3 DI II C/AF VC PZD Macro

Because of my holidays to Galapagos I was thinking to buy a telezoom lens because I had none. Normally for me in normal photo situations I don’t need it. But I knew that for taking photos of animals a tele is crucial.

Of course my first thought were to buy a Canon 70-200 L lens or the 70-300. Still undecided I browsed Amazon and discovered a new lens: The travel zoom „Tamron 16-300mm F/3,5-6,3 DI II C/AF VC PZD Macro“. And it has good reviews.

I know now the pro photographer starts his speech about that the quality is shit and L lenses are always the best…

But I’m lazy and often it is a matter of time to get a good shot and therefore changing the lens is not an option.

So I bought it and really that was one of the best choices ever. It is really an always-on-lens and I changed only very few times (even I also had the 24-70 with me).

I met on the Galapagos a guy also with a 7D but with the a 70-200 L lens and after I saw his photos I can say that they are not really sharper or better and he had a lot more stress changing between lenses all the time.

So the bottom line is that for me this lens really is perfect for a holiday. Nevertheless I normal photographer’s life changing lenses is okay and of course there are better lenses for special situations out there.

So here are two example images:

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Intenso Memory 2 Move – Using a Wifi HDD for backing up my photos while travelling

Since a long time I was looking for a solution to backup photos from my DSLR while travelling. Of course I want to carry as less as possible.

My first solution was my Nexus 7 incl. OTG cable + card reader and a USB stick. This worked good but the main problem here is that you need to have a rooted device which caused several problems to me like wired stuff on Android updates and other stuff. So I decided not to root my device.

My second try was buying a Wifi HDD with built in battery. I decided that 250 GB is enough for nearly any travel. And I found one which is only 60 EUR at Amazon: Intenso Memory 2 Move

As software I’m using Nexus Media Importer and ES File Explorer.

Installation is quite easy. Just charge the battery and switch it on. Connect your tablet via Wifi (WPA credentials can be found in the manual) and then you are ready to use it.

The only pitfall I was facing is that I switched the DHCP IP range via the HDD’s web interface without changing the HDD’s IP address itself. In that case the IP address is automatically changed to the IP address to enter as Gateway in the IP configuration.

So for now I really can recommend that as a good solution for backing up your photos.

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