Kitkat on my Asus Transformer 101

So, after some time running Android 4.3 (Custom ROM KatKiss) on my 2 year old TF 101 it went awfully slow so I decided to try something new. After some research it was quite obvious to stick to the KatKiss custom ROM but to the current version running Android 4.4.2.

My device was already rooted so installation was easy and went smooth. I followed instructions provided here and here.

Now I’m using it for two weeks at home for surfing, control my squeezeboxes and UPNP and 4.4.2 runs at least as double as fast as 4.3 does. Therefore at the moment the old transformer is still really good useable and there is no need to replace it by another device.

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2-factor authentication for wordpress

As a software engineer normally you are paranoid about security. Therefore I was really worried about somebody attacking my wordpress.
So I was doing some research about improving security.
First attempt was better password plus Apache basic auth. But still there is the possibility to be brute forced and the I saw that there is a plugin to integrate 2-factor authentication via Google Authenticatior.

To be able to use it of course you need the Google Autenticatior App on your smartphone (Android:
So install it and set it up. You will be asked to visit a google website, login, scan a QR code and enter the first verification code to be able to use 2-factor authentication also for your google account. This is not mandatory. Anyway now you are done on your mobile.
If you want the app on multiple devices with the same secret key:

Next step is to login to your wordpress and install and activate the Google Authenticator plugin (
Now switch to user and view details of the user that should use the 2-factor authentication.
Open the app on your mobile and add that account either via QR code or entering secret key manually. Relaxed mode should be enabled to compensate time differences.
Now save the user and if you are brave logout. 😉
The next time you try to login you will be asked for your password and the verification code.

Hopes that helps to make your wordpress a little more secure.
Perhaps also saving the QR code or the secret key makes sense if your phone breaks.

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