Dyndns with Strato and Fritzbox

I was using no-ip.com for several years for dynamic dns e.g. for VPN into my home network. But the changed from being my first choice to total crap. So if you do not pay for a subdomain you have to reconfigure every 30 days.

Definitely it was time to look for a replacement. So I had a look in my Fritzbox router to check which dyndns providers are supported. So one in the list was Strato and I was curious because I was not aware of Strato being a dyndns provider.

So I was checking their website and saw that you can use any domain and route it via dyndns. Additionally a .de domain is 6 EUR a year.

Definitely worth a try from my point of view. So you get a real domain for VPN which I think is pretty cool and it works perfectly with Fritzbox but should also work with every other router.

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