Bragi’s The dash – first short review

I kickstarted nearly 18 months ago The Dash from Bragi.

So what I can say so far after 2 weeks of testing:

  • The fit is excellent
  • Step no one is updating the software
  • Microphone quality is really poor
  • Bluetooth range is very limited

To summarise it is really a nice gadget if you want to listen to music while on a bike or running but doing phone calls is really a mess for the guy on the other end of the line.

What I really miss is an integration into third party fitness apps. But seems to be more like a general problem in the industry that everyone does his own hardware bundled with his own app. Hope that changes in the future.

But definitely this is the right direction of a device and I hope that more stuff likes this comes to the market.

I’ll keep you updated if I have more insights on The Dash.

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Flash Nexus 7 (2012) to Lollipop

After having my Nexus 5 and also my TF101 already running on Android 5.0 I really was waiting to get it also for my Nexus 7 because performance became quite bad on it and I was hoping for improvement. But it seems that the OTA is still not being rolled out to German tablets.

So I decided to flash it by myself and this is quite easy: Just download the image and follow this instruction.

I did it from my Mac and this page shows how to install adb and fastboot with just running one command.

So flashing worked perfectly but the performance is at least as bad as it was before or even worse. So I’m thinking about switching back to 4.4.4. But let’s see…

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Angular.js & Firebase

I was trying to build a little one page app to be able to manage releases in my company. The idea is just to have an app where you can request a release and then the request is queued and all release request are displayed as a list. When you are at the top of the list you do the release and afterwards you can mark your release as done and it will be moved to a second list where it is displayed as done. The decision was to use angular.js as Javascript framework, firebase as data store and AngularFire as library to connect both. In the beginning it was quite hard because the tutorials out there normally do the binding to firebase directly in the controller and I wanted to have it as a model in a firebase service. Additionally updating subelements in a list and having on the other side two lists really was challenging. The third main thing was updating elements when they are moved on top of the list was quite hard. Anyway finally I made it working and of course I want to show some code snippets to you to make it perhaps easier for you to use this cool stuff. Of course I tried to shorten the code a bit to make the example readable. If there are any questions do not hesitate to ask. The service

The controller

The template


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