Why I blog

Often I ask myself what is the reason to write articles in my blog. Is it useful? Does somebody read the stuff? Or is this just a waste of time?

Perhaps the last question is easy to answer. I would not do it if it would be useless. But why do I do it?

This is much harder to answer. According to the stats some people are reading my blog. So do you 😉 At the moment approx. 70 per week. So thanks for that. But back to the topic…

Basically for me the main reason is that I use this blog as a kind of notepad for stuff I did. It is quite cool to browse back in history and see what I have blogged about. It started as a blog to tell about my holidays to Australia and then evolved to something completly different: A blog about coding and other tech related topics. Kind of cool for me.

So what will this blog look like in the future? I don’t know but for sure I will continue to blog. Quite likely there is the idea to switch a bit more into the direction of IT management and organisation topics what fits to my current role as a Head of Software Engineering. But still there will be some more tech topics, too.

So stay tuned and I feel free to share and comment my articles.

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