My Photobooth

A friend of mine will marry in June and therefore he asked me if I can put my DSLR on a tripod so the people can make funny photos of them using a self-timer.

Of course I said yes but that would have been to simple. So I started to make up the plan to build my own little photo booth.

The basic idea was to have the camera protected and also provide a possibility that people can also have a look at the photos they took.

So what I used:

So what I learned:

  • I’m a bad craftsman 😉
  • SDCard WiFi is … let’s say could be better
  • Switch camera to take a RAW and the smallest JPEG possible
  • Change ShutterSnitch’s settings to only transfer the JPEG and not the RAW.
  • Switch off the auto off functionality of the IPad, camera and flash
  • Operate in manual mode (cam and flash)

So now it is finished and of course I want to share some pics with you. And it works! 😉

For me the latency (approx. 5 – 10 seconds) for that purpose is okay but can be better.

So feel free to ask if you want to have more details.

IMG_20150511_213157 IMG_20150511_212939 IMG_20150511_212933 IMG_20150511_211333 IMG_20150511_211320 IMG_20150511_211306 IMG_20150511_211255 IMG_20150511_211241

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