Welcome to the dark side

Thanks to my colleagues I switched from Windows to Mac as my company hardware.

And of course I want you to participate im my voyage to the dark side 😉

Yes there are some differences and still the different position of the @ sign drives my crazy but I have to admit that the evil works perfectly and really combines the good thing from Linux and Windows with a really good user experience. So it took me really not that long to get used to it.

Of course there are some learnings:

  • If you are using Putty on your Windows machine and if you want to use the same keys on Mac export them to OpenSSH keys in Putty before returning your old Windows Notebook to IT Operations. 😉
  • Moving the dock to secondary screen is really as simple as just click anywhere in the secondary screen and move the mouse to the bottom and wait a second. Od course this also works for moving it back to the other screen.
  • Mission control really rocks!
  • Finally network drives took me some time. Yes in the end it’s quite easy, open the Finder and hit Apple-Key + K and enter the location. But you need to know that especially when you are used to Windows network explorer.

So, after one week I still feel as a noob because I think there is much more to find out to get faster. But already I like it and there is nearly nothing left that I miss in Windows.


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