Lens review: Tamron 16-300mm F/3,5-6,3 DI II C/AF VC PZD Macro

Because of my holidays to Galapagos I was thinking to buy a telezoom lens because I had none. Normally for me in normal photo situations I don’t need it. But I knew that for taking photos of animals a tele is crucial.

Of course my first thought were to buy a Canon 70-200 L lens or the 70-300. Still undecided I browsed Amazon and discovered a new lens: The travel zoom „Tamron 16-300mm F/3,5-6,3 DI II C/AF VC PZD Macro“. And it has good reviews.

I know now the pro photographer starts his speech about that the quality is shit and L lenses are always the best…

But I’m lazy and often it is a matter of time to get a good shot and therefore changing the lens is not an option.

So I bought it and really that was one of the best choices ever. It is really an always-on-lens and I changed only very few times (even I also had the 24-70 with me).

I met on the Galapagos a guy also with a 7D but with the a 70-200 L lens and after I saw his photos I can say that they are not really sharper or better and he had a lot more stress changing between lenses all the time.

So the bottom line is that for me this lens really is perfect for a holiday. Nevertheless I normal photographer’s life changing lenses is okay and of course there are better lenses for special situations out there.

So here are two example images:

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