HDR and panorama photos directly from Lightroom

As I am getting old I als get lazy 😉 After years of using external tools to produce panoramas and HDR photos I decided to check if there is something that integrates very good with Lightroom which I use anyways to organise my photos.

In the end I found two different solution:

  1. For HDR I use “Merge to 32-bit HDR plugin” from Photomatix which is $ 39 and the results are really good and the integration into Lightroom works perfect for me.
  2. For Panoramas I decided to use Photoshop’s Photomerge that can be triggered also directly from Lightroom. I choose the Photography Plan from Creative Cloud that costs EUR 12 a month because I buy a new version of Lightroom any new year anyways and now it is included.

I will post some results ASAP after I’m done with my holiday photos.

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