Squeeze my Pi

After ordering the Raspberry Pi I’ve asked myself what to do with that piece of hardware. The answer is that I wanted a software Squeezbox player.

Finally after 6 weeks of waiting my Raspberry Pi arrived. Yeah. 😉 I’v ordered the Pi, a case, a power adapter, a WiFi adapter (EDIMAX EW-7811UN) and a SD card. So totally I’ve spended around 70 Euro. Just as a comparison to the cheapest Squeezebox player which is 130 Euro.

There is already a distribution that is made for that purpose: SqueezePlug

So just put the image to the SD card, start the Pi with the SD card and log in (root:nosoup4u). First steps are expanding the filesystem and updating the SquuezePlug and the underlying Debian distribution. I had to do that with LAN cable attached in advance to install the WiFi adapter because prior to 6.01 there are problems with Wifi setup. Then just install the desired player or server and that’s it.

For me the Pi does very good work. Even multiroom works fine. Excepted the WiFi issue the SqueezePlug distribution is awsome!

Definitly my next Squeezebox will also be a Pi. 😉

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