Multiple tomcat instances on one server

If you need more than one tomcat instance on your server (perhaps for testing interaction of multiple applications) it’s very easy to set those up. Let’s assume you are running Ubuntu and that you have installed the first one tomcat via apt.

  1. Download zip or tar.gz version of tomcat
  2. Unzip to your server: e.g. to /usr/share/tomcat7-xx
  3. Modify all ports in conf/server.xml. e.g.
  4. Check if JAVA_HOME is set correctly. If not create in bin folder with the following contents (of course use your java path):

  5. Start the server by the in bin folder
  6. Create and modify tomcat-users.xml in conf folder for roles and rights:


Now everthing should work as expected. 😉

Of course you can also add autostart scripts if you like to.

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