In my spare time I’m doing some frontend stuff at the moment. I know it’s the dark side but I have to say it is really fun.

I decided to use Angularjs as framework and I want to share my findings in a small series of articles within the next weeks. So what is planned:

  • How to start with angular & useful separation of concerns and files
  • Controller, directives and services and interaction between them
  • How to do a log in
  • How to write a wizard
  • … there might be more

Generally I have to say that you really have to change your mind to the angular way of programming because for example it’s really hard an inconvinient to use jQuery stuff for frontend vodoo within angular but normally there is an angular (better) way for most of the stuff. On the other hand there are many tutorials out there but often stuff from old or too new angular versions is described. Angular is very young and therefore there are still some changes.

So anyway stay tuned for the first article.

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